About Me

Helen Owen has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 30 years.

At the age of 52 she continues to inspire and train people of all ages and walks of life, promoting and proving that fitness training combined with emotional and mental wellbeing is possible at any age.

After several years of competing at elite level in water polo; triathlon; kickboxing and bodybuilding Helen went on to forge a career in personal training, working with some of Australia’s top world – class athletes. Helen believes that health, fitness, diet and emotional wellbeing are inseparable and with this in mind she can offer her clients specialist assistance with performance psychology, which includes how they mentally relate to eating and dieting. Helen says

“We need to see our lives as multi-dimensional, every part of what we do and think affects another.”

After years of academic study in the field of physical training, Helen went on to study at the Australian College of Applied Psychology where she gained an Advance Diploma in Counselling majoring in Sport and Performance Psychology. Through her studies working with a diverse range of clients Helen recognized that physical and emotional trauma, both past and present, plays an intricate part in in peoples relationships, training, goal setting and ultimately their lives.

Through the Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP) Helen teamed up with Dr Bruce Wilson and Dr Alicia Kurt to go further into understanding the dynamics of relationships, particularly with high achievers and people with traumatic pasts. She later achieved a Graduate Diploma with Relationships Australia as part of her on going professional study.

Twenty years ago Helen saw the need to started her own counselling practice where she combined all her expertise and experience. Helen says,

“We are more than the sets and reps we do at the gym, we are complicated and unique individuals and for us to get the most out of ourselves both physically and emotionally we need to know more about how our mind and body work together.”