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“We have been led to believe that being selfish is bad, but a ‘healthy selfishness’ is essential in having a happy and lasting relationship.”

Too often, when our relationships don’t work, we convince ourselves that our partner is selfish and that is why the relationship fails………not true!

In ‘Get Selfish, Get Happy’, Helen Owen, counsellor and personal trainer, shows us that achieving fulfillment starts with looking after yourself, both emotionally and physically, specially when it comes to having a harmonious and fulfilling relationship.

Helen has sought the meaning of love and what constitutes a happy and successful relationship. Through this journey she has stripped away the misconceptions of selfishness and created ‘The Selfish Self’ concepts.

‘The Selfish Self’ is not about getting what you want without compromise. It’s about understanding your needs, appreciating the truth about yourself and building self-respect. Through chapters covering love, sex, commitment and emotional integrity, ‘Get Selfish, Get Happy’ is an empowering manual for surviving contemporary relationships.
‘Get Selfish, Get Happy’ takes you through a process of discovery that builds self-knowledge and confidence, illustrated by real-life case studies and summaries that reinforce key messages. Helen Owen strips away the many misconceptions about selfishness and shows us that focusing on ‘self’ is the crucial step toward forming and nurturing successful relationships.

“The Selfish Self process is designed to give you a deeper understanding of your needs and potential to achieve fulfilling relationships.” says Helen Owen. “Acknowledging your true self gives you the power to both give and get happiness.”