Sport and Performance

The mind and body need to work in harmony to achieve the best possible physical and or mental performance.

This is because peak physical performance demands precise and faultless thinking skills. Previously you may have allowed your mind to control you, instead of you controlling and understanding your own mind and why it thinks the way it does. Believe me, you do think your thoughts; you just sometimes don’t know where they have come from. I can help you understand the working dynamics of your thinking so that you can achieve the outcomes that you require for your specific needs.

Whether you require focus, motivation or how to tap into your competitive spirit, I can help you unleash the dynamics of your thinking so that you stay focused and still perform at your optimal level whilst dealing with other challenges, which may occur.

Client testimonials:

“I have known Helen Owen for over 15 years. I first met Helen at Black Belt Pro where we were both training and preparing for professional ring fights in the sport of Mauy Thai (kickboxing).

I first came to see Helen professionally for Sport and Performance counseling when I entered my first ring fight. I battled many self-esteem and confidence issues in my younger years and wanted to get my mind right before stepping into a fighting bout.

In conjunction with performance counseling, I also did some personal training with Helen where she applied some of her counseling techniques whilst putting me through some tough mental and physical training in preparation for the fight.

As a result, I started to explore and find a much deeper confidence within myself and started to pursue a career as a stunt man. I once again came to see Helen to understand the mental and emotional challenges of doing stunt work. In my line of work it is imperative that I am always in the right state of mind. Helen has shown me how to focus, how to block out external influences and how to conquer a natural state of fear executing a stunt.

Having worked with Helen over the years I can recommend her services to anybody seeking help with training and or sport and performance psychology. She not only draws on her own vast experience as an athlete but also applies a theoretical application that I can understand and apply to my work and personal life.”

Brett Sheerin
Venice Beach, California USA

“I have been training with Helen Owen on and off now for 14 years. I began strength training after a knee operation in late 1997. This operation was performed after 6 months of constant pain, swelling and greatly reduced mobility which resulted in a noticeable decrease in quadriceps and calf size .

I self trained without any results until I dislocated the Patella in my right knee. This was when I finally decided to seek professional help. I contacted Helen after observing her not only training but also counselling clients which I felt was a necessity in my case. I was also suffering from depression. All my friends were surfing and competing in Triathlons and I couldn’t do anything. This affected me so badly that I contemplated having a cadavers knee replacement at the time in the US. This was Easter 2001.

Helen understood my frustration and convinced me to give training and counselling a go as a last resort before travelling to the US. Since then, I have regularly trained and made huge improvements with my overall strength and fitness, especially with my right leg. We have also done a lot of counselling to help me understand injuries and how they affect my over all thinking and healing processes, and how to effectively deal with the emotional rehabilitation from injury.

When I started with Helen, I expressed my desire to complete a triathlon race. Since then I have completed many races of varying distances and have now successfully completed– the Australian Ironman, which consists of, a 3.8km swim, 180k cycle and 42.2km run.

More recently I have completed cycling some of the Giro’s famous mountains in Italy, and continue to complete many more adventurous rides in the future.

Helen’s help has also extended to my nutrition and teaching me the importance of correct and balanced meals.

Helen’s help over the years has been invaluable in my recovery to a more than just normal and active life. Without her help I am sure I would still be doing useless hours in the gym, with little if any results. Helen has helped get my life back on track and played a huge part in my personal development. I really cannot thank her enough.”

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Ryan Warnes
Professional Athlete

“As a mother, wife and owner of a high pressure and demanding small business, I realized the need to bring balance to my life. As my “life coach / counsellor, Helen Owen guided me to discover the “meaning of life”, for me. Thanks to Helen I have altered my view on life and the way I engage in relationships with others. The most valuable lessons I learnt were, that we all live for verification and that life is about perception.”

Natalie Ettingshausen
Dip.Ed. Primary
Principal Ettingshausen’s Dynamic Arts

“I came to see Helen for guidance in running my personal training business; however I soon discovered that I was unknowingly holding myself back in all areas of my life. After a few months of working with Helen I started a new relationship and my Personal Training business started to thrive and I achieved my greatest goals as an athlete. Thanks Helen.”

Chris Hujber
Personal Trainer Fitness First
Shotokan Karate: Ranked No1. Australian Champion.
Shotokan Karate: Ranked No 16 World Champion

“I have been competing as a martial artist for over 20 years and although I was aware of the need to train my mind, body and spirit to get the best results, It was not until I met Helen Owen that I really began to understand what that meant. In 2005 I was preparing for a Karate World Championships and i was training physically very hard. The problem was that I was not training my mind and spirit in the same way, and that I was not balancing my time spent training with my family life. After seeing Helen it was evident that I needed help with the psychological side of my training and how to balance this with my family life. Helen taught me how to work through problems when the going got tough not just in the gym but at home. I wish that I had met Helen early in my life as I am sure that it would have greatly helped me with the balancing act of life, and more importantly It would have been a more fulfilling journey. Thanks Helen.”

Michael Ettingshausen
5th Dan Black Belt Shotokan Karate
Owner of Ettingshausens Dynamic Arts

Relationships and Achieving Peak Performance

The stress and anxiety associated with your relationships will undoubtedly impede both mental and physical performance. This could be an adverse relationship with a coach, manager, family or team member. I can show you how you can either resolve a negative relationship with mediation, or how to learn not to allow these destructive relationships to hinder and control your performance or your personal life outside the competitive arena.

N.B. This is crucial to understand as so many professional athletes and high performance workers do not know how to deal with the issues that arise as a result of having a career where they are in the public eye and the adverse scrutiny that may arise. Its not unusual to see daily, the media make critical remarks or highlight a person’s unfavorable behaviors which in turn has a direct impact on the person’s professional performance but also on their personal life. If this occurs, I offer a neutral, non-judgmental environment to discuss what is the best way to handle a negative situation with the minimum amount of damage to people’s lives and their careers.

Personal Relationships

Elite athletes, Executives, Defense workers often have long training and work hours and tough challenging days. The demands placed on these people are both physical and emotional and as a result their personal relationships may endure some difficult times. Unfortunately, it is common to see regular tabloids that exploit the extremely high divorce and infidelity rate for these people, which not only hinders their performance, and often ends their careers, but can also lead to further deterioration or and end to their relationship.

After working with elite people for nearly 20 years I understand the sensitivity, the discretion needed, the embarrassment that occurs to both parties and the staggering repercussions that may occur as a result of a failed relationship. I offer specialized counseling for either individuals or couples to help them get through these extremely difficult times.

Client testimonials:

“I came to see Helen when I was in a very demanding senior role in the NSW Police Force, which often meant that I would be away from home for extended periods of time on short notice. Even when I came home my work never left my mind and I couldn’t mentally escape ruminating about the duties and procedures that I had to attend. I wasn’t at liberty nor did I know how to discuss my day-to-day pressures and I didn’t understand how they were affecting me. I thought that I just had to man up and get on with the job.

Not understanding what was happening to me emotionally and mentally I had surges of rage and out-bursts of anger at my wife and small children for the smallest of things. The more my wife wanted to get close to me the more I just wanted her to get away from me, I would argue and criticize her about everything and started resenting her for everything she did. She eventually just shut down, and she latter admitted how much she enjoyed the peace and quiet when I would go away for work. I knew I wasn’t coping but at the time the hardest thing to do was to admit it. Everything was everybody else’s fault. I could see my relationship falling apart but I felt helpless to do anything about it or take any responsibility. To me nothing was ever my fault.

At work I felt confident, my colleges respected my senior position and looked up to me for my work ethic and accomplishments. I felt valued and important. When I came home with all the arguing and derogatory comments thrown backwards and forwards with my wife my confidence and self worth plummeted. I resented my wife for how she made me feel especially cause I thought I worked hard and she didn’t appreciate the long and tedious hours I worked.

Within a short time I found myself having an affair with a woman at work. At the time I though she understood me, loved me and valued me more than my wife. She made me feel good about myself so the affair continued for several months. My wife was suspicious as I started to act different. I bought new clothes, went to more work functions and planned more work trips away so that I could spend more time with my new exciting mistress and at the time I tried to avoid the family home as much as I could including spending time with my kids.

My wife eventually found some txt messages and my affair was revealed. Reality had finally hit me of what I had to loose if my wife would leave me.

This is when we came to see Helen for professional and specialized relationship and infidelity counseling. I just didn’t understand how I got myself into this situation and that for a short period of “feel good” and trying to escape the realities of life I could now loose the most important things in the world to me, my wife, my children, my home and everything that we had built together over the last 10 years of marriage.

This has been a long process of self discovery for both my wife and myself and we are still working through the infidelity and how to improve our relationship so we feel close again, which we both want to do. You really don’t know how much you can hurt your partner by having an affair and the guilt and shame that comes with it. Thanks to Helen that she is guiding and helping us through this time and now I can see, with Helen’s professional experience in this area, we can have a happy and loving relationship again.”


Athlete / High Profile Transitions into Mainstream Society

I provide a service that incorporates counseling and optional training to help people transition from being an adrenaline fueled high performer. This includes athletes, military personnel, police force or other high intensity work arenas.

My services help people recognize, accept and adapt to new situations and environments as well as help and support people integrating back into mainstream society. This may be necessary due to struggles with self-identity; depression; a sense of uselessness as a result of retirement; injury; redundancy or the failure to achieve a goal or success that was expected.