Weight Loss Coaching

Dealing with the issue of being over weight is excruciating. How you feel about your weight can affect so many different areas of your life including your health, your fitness, your self – esteem, and even how you perform at work.

How you feel about your weight can also affect your relationships with friends and with your partner.

I offer people the chance to really take control of their weight issues from a mind and body perspective. The mind and body cannot be separated. You cannot loose weight with just killer workouts. This type of flogging work outs don’t work and they can be disheartening, cause injury and eventually lead you to feel hopeless and like you have failed again. Often this can be a vicious cycle that leave you with a sense of desperation and despair and in the long run ultimately stop you from achieving your weight loss goals.

I provide specific personal training combined with optional counseling to really understanding your personal relationship with food and how to address dysfunctional eating habits.

My Professional Weight Loss Coaching is not about completing a 6 week challenge or quick fix boot-camp, its about understanding the challenges that have been a factor in putting the weight on and how to finally get it off for good.

Sessions start at $150.00.
Call me on 0415 392 009 to find out more.

 Client testimonials:

“OK – I’m a foodie! We have all heard that before and it is one of the biggest excuses for my unwanted weight gain recently. It was time for me to transform my passion for tasty food into more positive health outcomes for myself.

I thought I’d start by changing the way I shop for food; prepare my meals; and started to observe my eating patterns. The most powerful shift was the way what I actually think about food. The last part is where Helen has come back into my life. I literally bumped into her on my morning beach walk – it was meant to be because I had not seen her for at least the past 5 years (prior Helen was my PT). Helen has really given me two very helpful insights about my food and eating. Firstly, acknowledging what food really means to me (emotionally, lifestyle wise etc.) and re-thinking its role in my life; and secondly to eat only when I’m hungry as hunger means my body has burnt up the energy and is ready to take in more nutrients (what? that crazy!.. I thought). Moreover, that the hunger is a positive sensation or sign and not a stressful experience (after having confessed that I get anxious when I am hungry).

We agreed at the end of our session that my objective is to eliminate the emotional eating habits I have developed over many years. Although I have successfully lost weight before, like all of us I kept putting it back on.

Through Helen’s support I began to take control over my eating by making mindful changes – and sticking to these changes.

I have also started a regular exercise routine – walking for 6 km every morning (min. of 1 hour). As a result I am experiencing weight loss – funny that! So far I have lost 5 kg! But more importantly my relationship with food has changed and I feel very confident now that it will be for life – thanks to Helen.”

Kam Ozonaran

Eating Disorders

Being a Certified Eating Disorder Practitioner with EatFed www.eatfed.com.au. I can help people realize that an eating disorder (or an unhealthy relationship with food and training) is not about the food, diet or training that they are doing. In fact focusing on these issues diverts away from the deep underlying issues that is causing binging, bulimia or anorexia.

Disordered eating has significantly increased over the past two decades, particularly with so much emphasis being put on body image in our society that is intensified by the images posted on all social media sites. A negative body image has been proven to increase the risk of developing an unhealthy, emotionally chaotic or rigid relationship with food.