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Weekend Loneliness?

September 7, 2015 5:49 am | Published by | Leave your thoughts

What to do with Weekend Loneliness?

As the weekend approaches most people presume that everybody has something to do or someone to share it with. We rejoice as the minutes tick down on Friday afternoon getting excited about the after office reunion at the local hot spot in town or spilling down a beer or two at the pub with your fellow Tradie mates discussing the latest week’s work completed whilst appreciating the well earned shout from the Boss. Then its time to face the weekend.

For a lot of people the weekends can be the loneliness times of the week. We live in a society where relationship breakups are common. Families have broken up and parents have to share time with their kids. Even having the kids for the weekend can be a constant reminder of a failed relationship and memories that sway from the good times to the very very bad times that led to the relationship break up.

At the beginning the kids are confused and mostly still trying to come to some sort of understanding of why one weekend they are with mum and other weekend they are with dad. Dads commonly try and over compensate by trying to keep the kids occupied by doing fun activities but at the same time there is a loneliness that sits right in the pit of the stomach. Perhaps even being consumed by thoughts of what their ex partner is doing and with who?

And for the mums who have to give up the kids for the weekend are often left with an emptiness sitting at home alone wishing some one might ask them out just to be able to put a nice dress on and have an adult conversation with someone.

In the up and coming blogs I will share some of the stories of how people have overcome these trying times and add some tips of how to embrace solitude and how to discover your real best friend within you.





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