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Weight Loss Gizmos?

September 7, 2015 5:47 am | Published by | Leave your thoughts

Weight Loss Gizmos?

As I was flicking through my TV channels and I just happen to catch the last five minutes of the Dr Phil show where he was discussing the difficulty in loosing weight. During which he was promoting his new book, which is published by his own publishing company. $$$ Then I see him advertising the Ninja Blender, endorsement…$$$. Then he was also giving away one of those activity tracer bracelets, endorsement…$$$. Then he was giving away a set of fancy scales, endorsement…$$$. Come on Dr Phil I use to love your show until it just became a huge add to make more people more and more money.

Now normally I wouldn’t care and actually admire people trying to make money out of their own businesses….good for them. However in this case I have to disagree. People with weight issues are generally very sensitive and frequently desperate to do or buy anything that is going to miraculously make them loose weight. It is a huge money making industry without much credibility or data candidly showing success stories compared to disappointment stories.

We live in a world where eating disorders, over eating and obesity is a major health and psychological problem where people often base their self worth with what their weight is and what they look like.

Then shouldn’t we, instead of capitalizing on desperate people with gizmos, try and explore and identify why people have got this problem in the first case, so we can genuinely help them in the future to stop sabotaging their health and wellbeing both physically and mentally. And not encourage them to buy the next gizmo that gives a momentary feel good.

Obesity and eating disorders are modern day illnesses and as professionals we need to understand the mindset and habits of the patients with this problem first, before selling them gimmicky gadgets like ‘weight loss’ blenders, bracelets and scales.

I can’t comment on Dr Phil’s book because I haven’t read it, but I can say that all these gimmicky items are not going to help a person understand the core issue of what got them to their present unhealthy weight. In fact, these gizmos actually deflect from the real problem of how to change dysfunctional eating habits. These ‘gadgets’ might seem like motivational tools at first sight but in reality they may be creating more of a problem for the perpetual dieter than what we first thought.

In my next blog I will explore this further to help people understand how these gizmos could actually be keeping them on the frantic weight loss rollercoaster.

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